32 weeks!

There seems to be a pretty consistent theme in each of my blog posts – I comment on how busy we are, how crazy life is, etc. etc. etc…oh and the fact that each update comes too many weeks after the previous post.  I’ll continue to apologize for that, but I think this King Family update will provide sufficient excuses for why this is the case.  So buckle your seat belts, friends.  We are in for a wild ride.

And in true Carly fashion (those of you that know me well and/or have received emails from me in the past will know how much I love lists), we are going to do the Life Update List:

  • We’re moving!

That’s right people, Mason and I are heading out west to wonderful Fort Worth!  We have been so blessed to spend the past two years on staff at The Village Church in Dallas.  A few months ago M was given the opportunity to be the Home Groups Pastor in Fort Worth, so after a great deal of prayer and counsel we accepted!  We could not be more thrilled.  It is a unique opportunity for M to return to his hometown to minister among the people that were pivotal in his own walk and growth in the Lord, and I am really excited that Piper and I can join him in the adventure.

So two weeks from now we will be residents of Tarrant County.  And the best part – moving 8 months pregnant! (I hope you are catching my sarcasm)  In all honesty, we figured it would be easier to move pregnant that with an infant, so here we go!

  • 7 days from now I will be quitting my job!

Double woah.  It is a surreal feeling, but inevitable.  The commute for anyone from FW to Richardson each day would be a challenge, but exponentially more so for the new mommy.  So we’ve stepped out in faith, confident in the Lord’s provision (both in the fact that He has already blessed us with M’s new job as well as for us going forward), and we know we’ll be provided for.  It was a really difficult decision to step away from seminary back when M and I first got married over 2 years ago.  I had really enjoyed the experience and was eager to find an opportunity to counsel, but since that time we have found confirmation and confidence in our decision.  This job has been such a gift to us as we’ve worked to get M through seminary, and I have really enjoyed the things I learned and the relationships I have with co-workers (who knew I would become so well versed in plastic molded parts?).  It is certainly a bittersweet goodbye as I leave a really good and constant thing we have here and trek into new, foreign, but exciting opportunities!  Which leads me to my next point…

  • I’ve started my own business from home!

I’ve had the opportunity to share with many of you in a variety of ways, but in exiting my current position and praying that the Lord would provide – I’ve found a great opportunity that I am thrilled about!  I won’t go into great detail here, but I am working with the doctors who created ProActiv on their new skin care line Rodan + Fields.  I am eager to continue sharing this business and these products with others – this company is truly remarkable, and after only 2 months in it has been such blessing to our little family.  Spark your interest?  Shoot me a message!

  • We’re having a baby!

Oh wait.  We already mentioned that.

So there you have it – lots of life transition for the Kings.  The little nester in me has had to hold off until we get to Fort Worth to start on the nursery, but you better believe that once we get there I will be spending ALL my free time getting things ready for our little sweet pea to arrive.  As one might expect, we are a bit overwhelmed by to-do lists, books to read, exercises to prepare, and on and on, so you can be praying for those obvious and tangible items.  However there is so much more to it than a move and a baby.  Over these past several months as decisions have been made to move, quit, start a company, I have thought often about how much is changing for me specifically beyond the obvious and practical ways.  My daily life, routine, surroundings will be entirely different 3 months from now, and it is challenging to emotionally prepare for so much change and unknown.  We are excited about all that lies ahead of us, but know at times the transition may be hard, so keep us in your prayers that we would feel the peace of the Lord and take the time to rest in Him as He gives us what we need to be both sustained and filled.  We have felt so loved and encouraged by the support and sacrifice we have received from family and friends, and we covet your prayers in the weeks and months to come.

So who’s ready for this week’s belly pic!  Time for the 32 week update!

32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks

Baby’s size: a honeydew

Maternity clothes: uh, duh.

Sleep: increasingly difficult. ‘Is the heater on? Get this blanket off me!  I am SO HOT.’ all common thoughts to run through my head at 2am

Best moment of this week: spending time with some sweet ministry/church wives. I haven’t had much “girl time” in the past several months, and it was truly just a refreshing and encouraging time.

Miss anything: not this week…

Movement: non-stop. this girl clearly does not have enough room in there, so I feel everything. I can even see my stomach move or change shapes at times.  now that is surreal.

Food cravings: ice cream

Queasy or sick?: those days are long gone, but the heartburn has arrived.  Hello Tums.

Have you started to show yet?: oh there’s no question.

Gender: baby girl Piper Elyse!

Belly button in or out: if we are technical, out.  But it’s still on the move!

Happy or moody most of the time: oh honesty – moody.  hormones + lots of life change = deadly combination.  thank goodness for a sweet, loving, patient husband who helps me work through the unexpected mood swings.  though I am joyful most of the time, when I hit a wall I know I can be a challenge.

Looking forward to: getting through this move, in our new place, and FULLY nested in this house before Piper comes!  Also, I am very much looking forward being able to stay home with Piper and be more involved in the ministry that our family is entering into in FW.  My full-time job these past two years has made my involvement incredibly limited, so I am excited to see how we might live out our call to ministry as a family as we head to FW.


Happy New Year – 26 Weeks!

Happy New Year to you from the Kings!  Hope everyone had a wonderfully restful and refreshing Christmas – ours was definitely refreshing but not quite restful.  As our last holiday as a family of 2 (or 2.5 when we count Scout!), we wanted to make sure to see and spend good time with everyone, so the holidays had us traveling to Fort Worth and Houston to spend time with our families.  We loved each moment, but couldn’t be happier to be back home and in our own bed!

Houston was a wonderful treat for me – my sweet high school girlfriends hosted a little girl time/shower for me!  It was wonderful getting to see all the little babies we already have, enjoy our favorite Sugar Land cuisine, Thai Cottage, and just get some sweet time together!  I cannot express adequately in words how much it meant to me.  I felt so encouraged and loved by these dear friends who have known me a large portion of my life.  I know from the many transitions that M and I have already walked through that to maintain friendships across cities and states and various seasons of life sure is a treasure, and I hold these ladies so close to my heart 🙂

M was a SUPREME HUBBY over the holidays.  Not only has he been wonderful taking care of me and my growing inability to do some things on my own, but he also got started on one of the most exciting projects we have going on in the nursery – refinishing a dresser!  A couple of months back, M happened upon an AWESOME garage sale.  There was a couple in our neighborhood whose parents used to own an antique store, and from time to time they clear out some of their old storage units, unloading amazing pieces at CRAZY prices!  The trunk we used in our gender reveal came from them – for $5 no less!  Here is a pic of my wonderful hubby sanding down the dresser for me to prep it for paint (sorry, I only got a picture of the back side):


I can’t wait to throw some chalk paint on this and build a few rails for the changing pad!  I only wish I was able to help Mason with it more.  I have wanted to find a project like this to try my hand at refinishing and painting furniture, but in the least I am thankful for a partner who enjoys these projects as much as me (and is quite good at being the handyman too – as I write this post he is sitting next to me repairing a somewhat weathered briefcase he got on ebay!)

New Year’s Eve was great fun, spending time with some sweet dear friends.  We cooked great food, enjoyed watching our puppies play together, played games, and just shared good time together over encouraging conversation.  As would be expected, we cannot wait for 2013.  The Lord has great things in store for us with lots of life change, but it sure will be fun!  Here’s a few pics of me and M from our night:

                                                 M&C NYE      M&C NYE2

So there’s where we’ve been!  And now – the belly update!

26 weeks

How far along: 26 weeks

Baby’s size: a head of lettuce

Maternity clothes: thanks to the advice of a friend, I discovered that the Dallas Galleria H&M carries maternity (H&M Mama), which has been my lifesaver! Inexpensive clothes that still allow me to look a little trendy!  (top in the pic above is courtesy of H&M Mama)

Sleep: I think I finally figured out that the Snoogle would be more effective the bigger I got – and now it is a staple for me both in sleeping and lounging… Poor M had to share a full size bed with me and the Snoogle over the weekend, but he was such a champ about it!

Best moment of this week: having sweet high school girlfriends throw a girls’ baby shower for me while we were in Houston.  It was great to get quality time with some of my favorite girls, and Piper and I really felt their love for us.  It was so sweet!  Hopefully they will send me the pictures they took soon so I can share!

Miss anything: definitely missed that champagne over New Year’s, but I sure did enjoy some pomegranate sparkling cider in its place!

Movement: little lady on the move!  It has been really fun sharing her movements with friends.  She’s a little wiggle worm!

Food cravings: still ice cream.  After all the sweets over the holidays I think we are craving veggies now too 🙂

Queasy or sick?: healthy as can be!

Have you started to show yet?: oh surely.  It’s fun when I get the opportunity to see a friend that I haven’t seen in a few weeks who excitedly acknowledges “wow, you’ve grown!”

Gender: excited for our sweet little girl, Piper Elyse!

Belly button in or out: inching closer to an outie each day

Wedding rings on or off: on

Happy or moody most of the time: mostly happy, with the occasional grumpy morning.

Looking forward to: the nursery decorating!

It’s a…. (22 weeks!)

sweet little baby girl!!!

baby girl toms

M has officially become King of the household, caring for his three girls (me, baby k, and scout, of course)!  We are just beside ourselves with excitement over this little blessing, and I can’t wait to watch this little girl melt the heart of the man I love.  I just HAD to put these adorable TOMS up, probably because I will definitely be buying her a pair when she’s big enough so she can match her mama – that’s right, I already have a pair of these wonderfully sparkly shoes for myself 🙂

I cannot begin to tell you how hard it has been to keep this in!  Mason and I have known this crazy little munchkin is a girl for over a month now.  I was determined to have a gender reveal party (thanks for the inspiration, pinterest), but the combination of M’s trip to Israel, weddings, and the Thanksgiving holidays made it impossible to do a party like this in November where many of our friends and family could attend.  So in an act of compromise Mason and I agreed to find out together at the doctor and hold it in until the party.  All I can say at this point is….it was totally worth the wait 🙂

I’ll quit my chatting, and leave the details to the pictures (taken by none other but the gorgeous and talented Amy!):

NEWCarly King

Invitations we got from a designer on Etsy


Lovely decorations from my sweet friend Alyssa

                       DSC_0096    DSC_0108

                       DSC_0126   DSC_0133


Our fun friends voting on baby’s gender

And of course, the big reveal…



photo (1)

Hip Hip Hooray for Little Girls!

Chalk Board count

Carly cuteness2

The sweet little onesie we got from the Jordans

Carly & fam

My awesome brother and mom who drove in for the surprise!

Both families

The Kings and the Valenzas, minus Dad Valenza

Thanks to all our sweet friends for coming over and sharing in our joy!  We covet the love, support, encouragement, and prayers we’ve received from you all, and we could not be more thrilled for this little sweet pea to join our lives and melt our hearts.  Bring on the pink!

So, on to the update! My girlfriends and I agreed that I have definitely popped in the past week. Gone are the days where people question if they should say something or not – all kinds of random strangers now comment on my pregnancy (who knew it could be so much fun to get BIGGER!).  So without further ado, here’s me and baby girl at 22 weeks!

22 weeks

How far along: 22 weeks

Baby’s size: a papaya

Maternity clothes: my Target maternity work pants are finally starting to get “filled in” by this growing belly! Thanks to the warm temps we’ve been having I have had enough to wear, but soon we’ll need to get me some comfy sweaters to stay warm!

Sleep: we bought a Snoogle last week to help in this department, but I haven’t loved it as much as I had hoped I would.  Maybe I am using it wrong?  Any tips out there?

Best moment of this week: watching Mason feel her move! (more below…)

Miss anything: champagne and sushi

Movement: little lady on the move! Over the past couple of weeks I’d occasionally feel a little something that I thought might be her, but nothing strong or consistent.  Boy has that changed!  Numerous times per day I will now feel a big ‘ol punch or kick in the belly – startling but oh so fun!

Food cravings: ice cream

Queasy or sick?: I’ve traded morning sickness for the dreaded cold. Thanks to a weakened immune system we are going about 10 days strong on the sniffles.

Have you started to show yet?: you betcha! all confirmed by the nice man behind me in the grocery store who, when he saw me buying flowers, said, “someone should be buying you flowers, ’cause you pregnant!”

Gender: thank heaven for little girls (Gigi, anyone?!)

Belly button in or out: starting to surface 🙂

Wedding rings on or off: on

Happy or moody most of the time: happy! I’ve gotten a few comments that I have the “pregnancy glow”.  I’ll enjoy it as long as I can, because I know the “new-mommy bags” are right around the corner.

Looking forward to: getting started on our nursery plans 🙂

Over Halfway There – 21 weeks!

I meant to be better about taking pictures than once per month, but the holidays sure do make that difficult!  I mentioned in my last post that Mason had been traveling a lot, but thankfully he is now home from all his travels!  This month he spent 2 weeks in Israel with his parents and a group of other couples doing the ‘tour of all tours’ of the Holy Land.  Every day was filled with all kinds of historic sites and good Mediterranean food .  Sadly, I was not able to join them on the vacation (doctor’s orders!), but I think we are all sure that it was simply the Lord’s protection keeping me stateside to care for Baby K!

We have otherwise really enjoyed ourselves the past few weeks.  Scout and I had lots of girl-bonding time as we missed the man of the house, and I took some extra time off of work to relax…and nest 🙂  A big shout out and thanks to Jenni for helping me get started on our registries – I would have been at a complete loss without her!  We also got to FINALLY witness the marriage of our dear friends Seth and Natalie 🙂  Mason officiated the wedding (fresh off the plane from Israel, no less), and it was such a beautiful event, filled with great friends and food and an outpouring of love and encouragement in the gospel.  We are so excited for the Bridges – they were the most adorable couple on their wedding day!

After all the travel and festivities, Thanksgiving could not have come at a better time, and boy did I enjoy myself.  What pregnant woman doesn’t love being told she can eat for two! We spent Thanksgiving over at the King’s house, where my sweet in-laws cooked all our favorite foods.  It was a perfect day of relaxing, sleeping, and even watching a little football (a tough Texas loss, but I know my family was excited for the Texans win)!  We then spent the weekend cleaning out Mason’s office to prepare for the nursery, pictures to come soon!

So the holidays are upon us – Advent has begun.  Our little family of 2.5 has so much to be thankful for, so in this season of busyness and parties we hope to take time to prepare our hearts for Christmas and the joy we have in Christ coming to man.  We celebrate the fact that we are in Him amidst joys and sorrows.

So here we go – the 21 week update!

How far along: 21 weeks

Baby’s size: a carrot (10.5 inches!)

Maternity clothes: so thankful to Haley and Katie for all the clothes they’ve let me borrow!

Sleep: getting a little more difficult.  I have historically been a stomach sleeper, so I am now forced to stay on my side all night, a much more difficult task than I thought it would be.

Best moment of this week: spending lots of quality time with M, getting the nursery cleaned out!

Miss anything: champagne (strange, I know.  I’ve always picked champagne over wine)

Movement: due to a little “cushion” in the front of my belly (how the doctor described it to me – I’ll save the details), I cannot feel it strong, but there are definite moments that I get a few punches poking through.

Food cravings: ice cream

Queasy or sick?: nope

Have you started to show yet?: I had my first moment shopping in West Elm this week where the store attendant asked “do you know what you’re having?” without checking first that I was actually pregnant – made my little heart so happy!

Gender: M and I know…we’ll be revealing next weekend!!

Belly button in or out: still in, but pushing its way through

Wedding rings on or off: on

Happy or moody most of the time: happy, unless you get in between me and my nesting plans

Looking forward to: sharing with all our friends the gender of this little nugget!

17 weeks

Hey friends!

I apologize for my lack of updates over the past several weeks – life always has a way of moving quickly and you wonder where the time went!

Life has been nice and slow over in the King house.  The doctor had me take it easy for the past several weeks (a much needed reminder to slow down), but we are pleased to say that we had a great appointment with the doc this past week and everyone is great! Thanks to all our friends and family who prayed, called, texted, brought meals, and on and on.  We are so thankful and feel so loved! M has traveled a lot the past several weeks, so the lack of a photographer in the house has also contributed to the lack of updates.

So here we are at 17 weeks! We took the picture as we headed out to the Involved for Life Gala – such a fun night and a great excuse to dress up the belly!

How far along: 17 weeks
Baby’s size: a sweet potato (5.5 inches!)
Maternity clothes: all about them now.
Sleep: mostly back to normal. Thank you second trimester!Best moment of this week: having M at home, and being able to exercise again!
Miss anything: a really fresh and cold turkey sandwich
Movement: was that a flutter I just felt?? Who knows!
Food cravings: nothing specific at the moment
Queasy or sick?: not anymore!
Have you started to show yet?: to friends, for sure. To the stranger on the street, it’s a toss-up
Gender: not yet
Belly button in or out: still in
Wedding rings on or off: on
Happy or moody most of the time: I think this has improved to mostly happy, right M?!
Looking forward to: cleaning out the office and starting on the nursery!

The cat’s out of the bag…

I’ve waited 11 months to write my second blog – clearly my intention was not met by actual commitment.  However a sudden change in status provides a greater encouragement to keep this “online journal” up to date!

If you aren’t an avid follower of instagram/twitter/facebook, then you may have missed the memo, but…


We’re going to be parents!!  Words cannot describe the emotions we’ve gone through over the past several months after that little test shared the good news.  We are a little scared and of course unprepared, but any of the anxiety is completely overcome by the excitement and elation that we feel.  What a great blessing we have from the Lord!  We have already felt so encouraged and covered by friends and family – even those who were awfully surprised by the announcement!

So we prepare to exit a season of busyness and seminary studies and enter in to a new chapter filled with new experiences, huge smiles and laughter, deep joy, and certainly a lack of sleep with some dirty diapers.  Mason is finishing up his final year of his ThM (hallelujah, we are so proud), and Lord willing he will walk across the stage at DTS with me and our little one cheering loudly from the crowd.  Onward and upward.

So, this mama’s growing belly should provide ample updates (and humor) for us to chronicle and friends and family to follow.  My hope is to document the weekly growth of the “baby bump”, so we’re starting this week.  I told Mason that I want to be cool and adventurous, so hopefully we can document this growth in our favorite places in the Big D, or wherever life may take us over the next 6 months.  But to start us off we decided to take a picture in our favorite place – our home!  Say hello to our little one, 14 weeks in!


How far along: 14 weeks

Baby’s size: a lemon (3 1/2 inches!)

Maternity clothes: If I really wanted to I could fit in most of my pants, but we are beyond comfort in almost all of them, so I have embraced the maternity jeans and work pants. A huge thanks to Haley for all the cute stuff she sent me!

Stretch marks: not yet!

Sleep: in a perfect world, I would be asleep right now (it’s only 8:30).  I’ve been pretty tired for the past several weeks, but now that I have hit my second trimester we’re hoping the energy comes back soon.

Best moment of this week: so many fun things to celebrate 🙂 We had a great time co-hosting a couples’ shower in our home over the weekend for one of the best couples we know (hooray for the future Bridges!), and celebrating a half-century of life for my sweet Alyssa

Miss anything: not too often, although there is the occasional morning that I would love come real coffee, or a night at home that a glass of wine sounds delightful

Movement: not yet!

Food cravings: for whatever reason it seems as though I crave the things I cannot have (cold turkey sandwich, caesar salad, and sushi).  And then of course there is the McDonald’s cheeseburger…don’t judge.  I’ve seen the pictures, and I don’t plan to make this a habit, but a cheeseburger every once in a while never hurt anyone! 🙂

Queasy or sick?: queasiness has been a loyal companion over the past several weeks, but it has never moved into sickness, so we are SUPER thankful for that.  Veggies haven’t been too appealing, nor have meats, so I have stuck mostly to fruits and carbs!

Have you started to show yet: we’re past the point of hiding 🙂

Gender: waiting patiently…

Belly button in or out: still in, but I have been talking for weeks now about how fun it is to watch it change

Wedding rings on or off: on

Happy or moody most of the time: I’m ashamed to admit it, but I’ve been very moody (sorry honey!).  I’m trying to stay away from the “pregnancy hormones” excuse, but goodness!

Looking forward to: finding out what gender this little monster is so I can get started on a nursery!