Welcome to our little blog, The Kindred Kings (as opposed to ‘the kind red kings’, which would not be entirely inappropriate!).  My sweet husband Mason and I are two Texas kids walking through this crazy life together.  We were married in November 2010 and already can say this journey of marriage sure is a ride!  I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else.

We welcomed our sweet Piper Elyse in April 2013 and we are already having a blast loving this little girl and preparing to shepherd her sweet little heart.  We enjoyed the years we had together as a family of 2.5 (that’s right, though she’s feeling very neglected these days, we cannot forget Scout, our sweet and spunky little chocolate lab), this season is sure to be filled with ever-growing joy and adventure!

You will find all kinds of thoughts on this blog to peruse about our life, which will certainly includes our journey through pregnancy and now parenthood.  My hope is simply to provide life updates for friends and family near and far, probably with the occasional thought or perspective.  We pray that you will find this to be a place of honesty and transparency (not too much), a family living under the grace of God who daily pours out His love and mercy on us though we don’t deserve an ounce of it.


One thought on “About

  1. Hello.
    I happened upon your website by accident.
    I googled a photo from Vancouver BC Craigslist ad which led me to your website & blog.

    I’m Canadian.
    I reside in Vancouver BC.

    About a year ago I answered an ad on free category of Craigslist.
    It was a ” Young , single mother with 3 month old baby girl ” .
    She was appealing for variety free baby items.
    Option to email or text her.

    (1 year later she sometimes says baby 3 months or 6 months old….)

    But in free category its prohibited to make requests.
    So her ad regularly flagged & removed.

    She posted often. I managed to email her last year 2016 to help. I also explained why we aren’t allowed to make requests on free category.
    I advised she post on Craigslist ” Wanted” category & same on Kijiji. No response.

    I waited a while & then gave items I collected to another new mom.

    But she kept reposting & getting flagged…often.

    So last month ( February 2017 ) I texted her first time to let her know I have things.
    Several more texts & no responses !

    I text because her ad requested & because I’m part Deaf.

    I texted her again other day in March warning her I’m onto her scam. I’ll likely contact authorities….

    Sunday when reposting their ad , it was via email only.
    Now they want baby stuff for group of
    “single mommies “.

    This woman or man has been using your daughters photo on Kijiji & Craigslist & possibly elsewhere !
    The photo , one with the pink stuffed elephant !

    “Mom” calls herself ” Tammy ” .
    Calls “her daughter ” Harmony.

    I’m not tech savvy so didn’t post my surname in the form when contacting you.
    As not a member of social media & don’t therefore comment online , etc.

    Will provide more information once you contact me personally.
    Thank you.

    There’s something very wrong with this individual(s).
    No idea what their intentions are.
    But they shouldn’t get away with this….they can potentially escalate.
    They need to be stopped & get relevant help.

    I can provide you the individuals phone number that was in the ads. Maybe identify them that way.
    Not certain but I may have Post ID # of recent ad as well.

    I look forward to your response.
    Thank you – Deborah.

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