5 Month Baby Update

I keep telling myself that I am going to write more frequently on my personal blog – once a month surely isn’t enough. However, a great deal of my ‘blogging’ time is currently spent editing and co-managing Fort Worth Moms Blog, so writing here just seems to escape me until Piper’s month-date rolls around. I’ll continue to hope I can improve, but let’s be honest…pictures of Piper are far more entertaining than any musings I might have.

Piper 5 Mo

So here we are, 5 months in, and what social little girl Piper is becoming. She is incredibly aware of her environment and surroundings these days, which is fun and challenging all at the same time. As I prepared to write this post, I started looking through pictures of her birth and first months. My how much these little babies change in such a short time! It’s hard to believe what things she has learned to do in just a few short months. This month seems to have a lot of highlights:

P 9.03.13ROLLING: sweet p has learned how to roll back and forth, which has also resulted in becoming a tummy sleeper. This is a game changer, especially when dealing with a reflux baby.

P 9.04.13An extension of rolling –> sleeping through the night! This is where full-disclosure comes in. In a strong culture of Babywise and scheduling babies, I found myself feeling like I was a failure when  my little one wasn’t sleeping through the night at 12 weeks. There have even been nights these past few months that we tried to push her to do so, with varied results. Now I don’t mean to say that babies just naturally become good sleepers – I do believe that this is learned.  But I also know that babies hit milestones at different times, and the battle against comparison is so strong. Piper wasn’t ready until now (even if mama was!), and that’s okay! She came around in her own time.

P 9.01.13 10    P 9.01.13

We’ve loved getting to watch her take in more and more of the world, but as a somewhat sensitive personality, she gets rather overwhelmed. She loves smiling at people, but if they get too far in her face – waterworks. We have also started to have quite a ’bout of separation anxiety, such the mama’s girl these days. Unless your name is mom or dad, she’s not to keen on letting you hold her. Part of the challenge of moving to a new town has been exposing her to people. We run errands, but hang outs and play dates are somewhat rare, so she is still getting used to being handed off to other people. But we’re workin’ on it… (and we hope the church nursery is ready for us!)

P 9.05.13 2

New Toys: she is also starting to be able to interact with her toys more. Of course everything she can get her hands on goes directly to her mouth, but she loves watching her toys light up and play music. She is still a bit too small (and needs just a little more head control) to be able to use things like bumbos, jumparoos, etc., but I’m sure that by her 6 month mark we will be spending lots of play time in them (she was standing on some textbooks for the picture above, which allowed me to get a quick picture before she got tired of the jumparoo)!

P 8.22.13

This month was big for FWMB – we hosted our very first play date! We met at Oakmont Park here in town with 35 other mommies and their kiddos for a morning to play. I was a little nervous about it, seeing as how the play date was right in the middle of Piper’s nap, but she did great! Stayed awake (and happy!) through most of it, took a little catnap in her car seat, and then had a solid 3 hour nap that afternoon! It was such a great time meeting some other moms in town!

Sweet Piper-girl,

P 9.04.13 6This month has been so exciting! We are so thankful that some of the “challenges” we were walking through the past couple of months are starting to bring us some relief (and you too, I’m sure!). Your budding personality continues to come through, and we love the active, wiggly, vocal little girl that you are becoming. I am confident you will continue to be our little fireball. Your smiles, coos, and increasing laughter fill us with such joy, and each month we get a little more confident at being your parents and taking care of you. Life is so sweet and so fun with you in it. We can’t believe that in a just a few short weeks we will be celebrating your half birthday! I tear up thinking about how quickly time is moving. We love you little one!

Photo Aug 17, 11 07 40 AM

P 9.02.13 2      P 8.23.13


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