4 Month Baby Update


Holy August! I can’t believe we’ve already made it through most of the summer.  Thankfully this has been a much milder summer than last – fewer 100+ degree days, fewer cases of West Nile. That being said, I am still super eager to for Fall to arrive. P and I love going on walks and getting fresh air, but it has been just too hot to do so (unless it’s first thing in the morning), and we are getting a little cabin fever as a result.  I know the employees at Buy Buy Baby and Target sure have enjoyed seeing us on a daily periodic basis.

photoAs I sat back and thought about this past month (which I am a little late on the update), I have to admit that it was a little challenging coming up with a list of favorites.  In an age of social media which can breed comparison and insecurity, we can often find ourselves believing the lie that everyone else has a picture perfect life while we struggle.  I thought the body-image struggle was tough – motherhood is a whole new ball-game of comparing one’s child to someone elses. I know our images portray a sweet and beautiful baby, and she is!  But this month has also been hard. Health issues have brought on a whole new slew of challenges to parenting, and I have never felt so humbled in my whole life.  I am independent – sometimes to a fault.  My dad would probably describe it as “hard-headed” (M probably would too).  As a result, I often find myself (always in retrospect, of course) disregarding the Lord in tough times. I reject being in a place of dependency upon Him, though my conscious mind at the time wouldn’t see things that way. I tend towards a “head-down, let’s get this done” self-reliant mentality, moving internally when things get difficult and letting my analytical mind get moving to figure out a solution.

I’m sure I am not alone on this. Mommyhood has given it a new look and taken it to a new level. The breadth of books and websites on babies has been the end of me, causing me to struggle to hear the voice in my head, my “mommy gut”, and instead rely on some textbook answer for what appears to ail us that day. Though I don’t believe it is His purpose, I know the Lord is using this to do a work in me, to remove any sense of self-reliance I might try to run to and instead allow me to run to Him.  I have never prayed this fervently before, having days where I feel like I am at the end of myself.  And as a friend reminded me the other day, we haven’t even gotten to the first driver’s license yet.

I don’t mean to be a downer – I LOVE being a mom.  Even in the most trying of circumstances we have encountered, I continue to be thankful that we are now a family of three. The Lord has been faithful to us as we fumble around, working tirelessly to protect, care for, and raise this little munchkin.  The joys we have experienced in our time with our sweet girl are an incredible gift from Him.  I want to share what is real, not to hide behind a facade, but also use discernment and discretion with the details. Again, I LOVE being Piper’s mom. So I’ve decided to change things up a bit this month, and instead capture my memories in a note to our sweet P.

Dearest Piper,

photo_5We cannot believe that we are 1/3 of the way through your first year – my how you’ve grown! Despite your age, you continue to be a rather petite little lady (at 3 months you were mistaken for 3 weeks, though frankly I don’t know of any 3 week-olds that can hold their heads up), but you are growing! Your daddy was quick to note that you don’t come from very big or tall ladies, so petite is perfectly acceptable.  Mom is just desperate to get you in those cute cloth diapers, but that tiny heiny insists on still wearing newborn-sized! We are barely making it into 3M clothes now, which we are thankful for because we sure do have some cute ones for you! Many of the sweet ladies in Fort Worth got you some adorable smocked outfits from Zoe + Jack that I’ve just been dying to dress you in.

We love the coos you give, and you have recently started blowing lots of raspberries at us (which is cute and messy all at the same time). Last month your hands found your mouth, and now they have found one another – and we love how you hold them together as you are taking in the world and how well you can hold on to your toys now. You are FINALLY starting to enjoy your mamaroo, especially when you can be in the kitchen and keep an eye on mom cooking, so a little movement and a toy to put in your mouth gives us some great playtime during the day..

photo_4But the biggest thing of all – you are rolling! The first time you rolled from back to belly I squealed! It was so unexpected – from that point on I knew the swaddle had to go.  Just this past weekend you finally discovered that sleeping on your belly IS enjoyable (and mom discovered that naptime can be salvaged). With all the reflux issues you have been battling, we think this could be just what you need to help you stay settled.

Mom and dad were also forced to move your bedroom this month (that’s right, moved the nursery.  This nested mama had a hard time with it, but when it’s best it’s best).  Leave it to a rental house to be poorly insulated with an A/C unit that isn’t big enough for the house, and well…you get the picture.  Your new room is cozy, cool, and dark, and though it isn’t really decorated, you don’t seem to mind all that much 🙂  Hopefully the next time we move it will be a bit more permanent!

July was also a big month for your family – Scoutie turned 2 and daddy turned 30! There is no better gift for any of us than to have you around to celebrate.

photo_3It has been so much fun to see you grow, hit various milestones, and become more and more observant and attuned to the world around you.  We are eager to see more and more of your little personality shine through, and hopefully more red hair! Mama is hoping to (finally!) give the nursery at church a try this month – so we’ll see how that goes. I have a feeling it may be a bumpy start, but we’ve got to start somewhere. I’ll just reserve a spot in one of the swings for you.


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