2 Month Baby Update

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Two months with our sweet baby girl!  What a whirlwind it has been.  With each passing day we become a little more comfortable with our new roles as mama and daddy, and though I can’t fully say that we’ve “arrived”, with each milestone that Piper hits I think that M and I hit one ourselves.  So here’s some fun facts about month 2:

  • SMILES SMILES SMILES.  nothing warms your heart more than having your little one give you that big ‘ol toothless grin.  She loves when we talk to her, especially when she’s lying on her changing pad.  She’ll stare out the window or up at us and give us the sweetest baby grins.
  • She has also started really cooing and laughing when she smiles.  I wish I could bottle up those sounds forever (yes, I know that my iPhone practically can do that – y’all know what I mean…)
  • Though mama continues to spend the majority of time handling the feeding, Piper and daddy have a dream feed each night that just the two of them share.  I love getting to hear Mason talk about that time with his girl – it’s just up, bottle, burp, and back down.
  • We are ALMOST sleeping through the night!  P goes down for bed around 8-8:30pm, gets her dream feed a few hours later, and now can usually make it until 5 am – not bad!  She’ll go right back down after that and usually sleep until 8-8:30am, giving mama several consecutive hours of sleep.  I’m feeling pretty confident that before long, she’ll be able to make it to all night!
  • Sweet P is not a fan of the car seat unless it is in continuous motion.  Walks?  Great – she’ll sleep right through them.  Riding in the car?  “No thank you, mom.  Every time you stop at a stop light, you can be sure I’m going to cry.”  Hopefully she’ll continue to get more adjusted to it.
  • P continues to love being swaddled, and though I am grateful for how well it can calm her down and get her ready for nap or bedtime, I am just a little worried that she might struggle when the day arrives when we’ll need to transition out of that.  I know it is fast approaching.  Any mamas out there with great tips?  Please share!
  • Piper and I finally did a FULL grocery store run all by ourselves.  I cannot even begin to describe how accomplished I felt – I never knew the store (or any errand for that matter) would become so daunting.  But thanks to the Ergo baby carrier, P was out within the first 15 minutes of our trip, allowing me to peruse the grocery aisles in a relatively normal fashion to get everything we needed!
  • P does NOT like tummy time.  We can barely do 3 minutes without her fussing.  The good news is, she continues to grow and get strong.  In fact – she rolled over to her back for the first time at her 2-month appointment!  Made this mama look REAL good in front of the doctor.  Thanks, P.
  • PRAISE PRAISE PRAISE: Piper’s hips are completely normal!!!  We had a second ultrasound last week after getting a second opinion, and it showed that she is growing and maturing just as she should.  So no harness for Piper!  Though I know the Lord would have given us the tools and strength to walk through that should it have been necessary for her, we are so grateful that it won’t be necessary!

As an encouragement to many of my soon-to-be-mom friends, it seems to me that there is something that happens at around 6-8 weeks, something good.  Both in baby and in mama, a shift occurs and you just find your rhythm.  Piper, with her smiles and increasing time awake, seems to be more at ease with her body, more inclined to sleep when she is supposed to, and easier to soothe and understand what she wants when she’s upset.  As a brand new mom, I continue to grow in confidence in my care for her each day, and just like the grocery store, I continue to try and tackle something new each week, making me more confident to get back out there with sweet P on my hip!

The lifestyle change was difficult for me, being so used to working outside of the home and freedom with my free time – there certainly has been a mourning of my former life and flexibility.  But the Lord is good and sweet in what at times can feel so mundane.  He is teaching me new ways to pursue Him and find Him, reminding me that though this new role can at times seem to be an endless cycle of laundry, changing diapers, and unloading dishwashers, is in fact a role of raising up this little one to be a young lady who we pray comes to know and love the King.  This is kingdom work.  Wiping her spit up is eternally significant.  Even when it feels mundane, it is purposeful.  I by no means have it conquered or all figured out, but when I can quiet my heart in those truths, there is joy to be found.  And along the way He gives sweet smiles, coos, and cuddles that make each mundane task completely worth it.

So here’s some pictures from the past month!

Piper bed Piper tummy time

Piper Doctor Piper car seat

Piper cherries

And since I can’t resist this sweet face…

IMG_2636 2 IMG_2644 2

IMG_2666 2 IMG_2663 2

IMG_2659 2


3 thoughts on “2 Month Baby Update

  1. Love getting to keep up with the sweet King fam via your blog!! Can’t wait to meet baby Piper!! Hope that happens soon!

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