32 weeks!

There seems to be a pretty consistent theme in each of my blog posts – I comment on how busy we are, how crazy life is, etc. etc. etc…oh and the fact that each update comes too many weeks after the previous post.  I’ll continue to apologize for that, but I think this King Family update will provide sufficient excuses for why this is the case.  So buckle your seat belts, friends.  We are in for a wild ride.

And in true Carly fashion (those of you that know me well and/or have received emails from me in the past will know how much I love lists), we are going to do the Life Update List:

  • We’re moving!

That’s right people, Mason and I are heading out west to wonderful Fort Worth!  We have been so blessed to spend the past two years on staff at The Village Church in Dallas.  A few months ago M was given the opportunity to be the Home Groups Pastor in Fort Worth, so after a great deal of prayer and counsel we accepted!  We could not be more thrilled.  It is a unique opportunity for M to return to his hometown to minister among the people that were pivotal in his own walk and growth in the Lord, and I am really excited that Piper and I can join him in the adventure.

So two weeks from now we will be residents of Tarrant County.  And the best part – moving 8 months pregnant! (I hope you are catching my sarcasm)  In all honesty, we figured it would be easier to move pregnant that with an infant, so here we go!

  • 7 days from now I will be quitting my job!

Double woah.  It is a surreal feeling, but inevitable.  The commute for anyone from FW to Richardson each day would be a challenge, but exponentially more so for the new mommy.  So we’ve stepped out in faith, confident in the Lord’s provision (both in the fact that He has already blessed us with M’s new job as well as for us going forward), and we know we’ll be provided for.  It was a really difficult decision to step away from seminary back when M and I first got married over 2 years ago.  I had really enjoyed the experience and was eager to find an opportunity to counsel, but since that time we have found confirmation and confidence in our decision.  This job has been such a gift to us as we’ve worked to get M through seminary, and I have really enjoyed the things I learned and the relationships I have with co-workers (who knew I would become so well versed in plastic molded parts?).  It is certainly a bittersweet goodbye as I leave a really good and constant thing we have here and trek into new, foreign, but exciting opportunities!  Which leads me to my next point…

  • I’ve started my own business from home!

I’ve had the opportunity to share with many of you in a variety of ways, but in exiting my current position and praying that the Lord would provide – I’ve found a great opportunity that I am thrilled about!  I won’t go into great detail here, but I am working with the doctors who created ProActiv on their new skin care line Rodan + Fields.  I am eager to continue sharing this business and these products with others – this company is truly remarkable, and after only 2 months in it has been such blessing to our little family.  Spark your interest?  Shoot me a message!

  • We’re having a baby!

Oh wait.  We already mentioned that.

So there you have it – lots of life transition for the Kings.  The little nester in me has had to hold off until we get to Fort Worth to start on the nursery, but you better believe that once we get there I will be spending ALL my free time getting things ready for our little sweet pea to arrive.  As one might expect, we are a bit overwhelmed by to-do lists, books to read, exercises to prepare, and on and on, so you can be praying for those obvious and tangible items.  However there is so much more to it than a move and a baby.  Over these past several months as decisions have been made to move, quit, start a company, I have thought often about how much is changing for me specifically beyond the obvious and practical ways.  My daily life, routine, surroundings will be entirely different 3 months from now, and it is challenging to emotionally prepare for so much change and unknown.  We are excited about all that lies ahead of us, but know at times the transition may be hard, so keep us in your prayers that we would feel the peace of the Lord and take the time to rest in Him as He gives us what we need to be both sustained and filled.  We have felt so loved and encouraged by the support and sacrifice we have received from family and friends, and we covet your prayers in the weeks and months to come.

So who’s ready for this week’s belly pic!  Time for the 32 week update!

32 weeks

How far along: 32 weeks

Baby’s size: a honeydew

Maternity clothes: uh, duh.

Sleep: increasingly difficult. ‘Is the heater on? Get this blanket off me!  I am SO HOT.’ all common thoughts to run through my head at 2am

Best moment of this week: spending time with some sweet ministry/church wives. I haven’t had much “girl time” in the past several months, and it was truly just a refreshing and encouraging time.

Miss anything: not this week…

Movement: non-stop. this girl clearly does not have enough room in there, so I feel everything. I can even see my stomach move or change shapes at times.  now that is surreal.

Food cravings: ice cream

Queasy or sick?: those days are long gone, but the heartburn has arrived.  Hello Tums.

Have you started to show yet?: oh there’s no question.

Gender: baby girl Piper Elyse!

Belly button in or out: if we are technical, out.  But it’s still on the move!

Happy or moody most of the time: oh honesty – moody.  hormones + lots of life change = deadly combination.  thank goodness for a sweet, loving, patient husband who helps me work through the unexpected mood swings.  though I am joyful most of the time, when I hit a wall I know I can be a challenge.

Looking forward to: getting through this move, in our new place, and FULLY nested in this house before Piper comes!  Also, I am very much looking forward being able to stay home with Piper and be more involved in the ministry that our family is entering into in FW.  My full-time job these past two years has made my involvement incredibly limited, so I am excited to see how we might live out our call to ministry as a family as we head to FW.


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