It’s a…. (22 weeks!)

sweet little baby girl!!!

baby girl toms

M has officially become King of the household, caring for his three girls (me, baby k, and scout, of course)!  We are just beside ourselves with excitement over this little blessing, and I can’t wait to watch this little girl melt the heart of the man I love.  I just HAD to put these adorable TOMS up, probably because I will definitely be buying her a pair when she’s big enough so she can match her mama – that’s right, I already have a pair of these wonderfully sparkly shoes for myself 🙂

I cannot begin to tell you how hard it has been to keep this in!  Mason and I have known this crazy little munchkin is a girl for over a month now.  I was determined to have a gender reveal party (thanks for the inspiration, pinterest), but the combination of M’s trip to Israel, weddings, and the Thanksgiving holidays made it impossible to do a party like this in November where many of our friends and family could attend.  So in an act of compromise Mason and I agreed to find out together at the doctor and hold it in until the party.  All I can say at this point is….it was totally worth the wait 🙂

I’ll quit my chatting, and leave the details to the pictures (taken by none other but the gorgeous and talented Amy!):

NEWCarly King

Invitations we got from a designer on Etsy


Lovely decorations from my sweet friend Alyssa

                       DSC_0096    DSC_0108

                       DSC_0126   DSC_0133


Our fun friends voting on baby’s gender

And of course, the big reveal…



photo (1)

Hip Hip Hooray for Little Girls!

Chalk Board count

Carly cuteness2

The sweet little onesie we got from the Jordans

Carly & fam

My awesome brother and mom who drove in for the surprise!

Both families

The Kings and the Valenzas, minus Dad Valenza

Thanks to all our sweet friends for coming over and sharing in our joy!  We covet the love, support, encouragement, and prayers we’ve received from you all, and we could not be more thrilled for this little sweet pea to join our lives and melt our hearts.  Bring on the pink!

So, on to the update! My girlfriends and I agreed that I have definitely popped in the past week. Gone are the days where people question if they should say something or not – all kinds of random strangers now comment on my pregnancy (who knew it could be so much fun to get BIGGER!).  So without further ado, here’s me and baby girl at 22 weeks!

22 weeks

How far along: 22 weeks

Baby’s size: a papaya

Maternity clothes: my Target maternity work pants are finally starting to get “filled in” by this growing belly! Thanks to the warm temps we’ve been having I have had enough to wear, but soon we’ll need to get me some comfy sweaters to stay warm!

Sleep: we bought a Snoogle last week to help in this department, but I haven’t loved it as much as I had hoped I would.  Maybe I am using it wrong?  Any tips out there?

Best moment of this week: watching Mason feel her move! (more below…)

Miss anything: champagne and sushi

Movement: little lady on the move! Over the past couple of weeks I’d occasionally feel a little something that I thought might be her, but nothing strong or consistent.  Boy has that changed!  Numerous times per day I will now feel a big ‘ol punch or kick in the belly – startling but oh so fun!

Food cravings: ice cream

Queasy or sick?: I’ve traded morning sickness for the dreaded cold. Thanks to a weakened immune system we are going about 10 days strong on the sniffles.

Have you started to show yet?: you betcha! all confirmed by the nice man behind me in the grocery store who, when he saw me buying flowers, said, “someone should be buying you flowers, ’cause you pregnant!”

Gender: thank heaven for little girls (Gigi, anyone?!)

Belly button in or out: starting to surface 🙂

Wedding rings on or off: on

Happy or moody most of the time: happy! I’ve gotten a few comments that I have the “pregnancy glow”.  I’ll enjoy it as long as I can, because I know the “new-mommy bags” are right around the corner.

Looking forward to: getting started on our nursery plans 🙂


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