Year 2, Day 1

I have been talking about starting our family blog since, oh, our honeymoon, so what better time than to start on the first day of our second year!  So welcome to our blog – the kindred kings (as opposed to the ‘kind RED kings’, as Mason teased me about).  A year ago I married my very own kindred spirit (and I guess my ‘kind red King’ at that!).  My hope is that we will be able to keep a little online scrapbook of this journey through life we started as a new family one year ago, enjoying the joys and trials of life on this earth.

So the very first post begins after a wonderful day…yesterday Mason and I celebrated out first anniversary.  Can you believe that we were here in this little chapel just one year ago?? What an amazing ride it has been!

We started the day off taking this little munchkin on a stroll and getting a bath – meet Scout, the newest little addition to our family!  We got her about a month ago, our sweet little chocolate lab baby, and she has been such a little joy for us (as long as we keep our shoes away!)

We then headed to Fernando’s for some time with some of our favorites, Will and Haley.  We love all the time we get to spend with them – we only wish that the Lord would give us more! (One of these days one of us will have to move.)

After lunch we had some down time before my next surprise.  In the words of Parks and Rec, it was time to TREAT YO’ SELF! (If you are not a Parks and Rec watcher, I am sorry for the reference, but you should be watching it.  Pure Gold.)  Mason took me to the spa for an incredible couples’ massage.  You know a massage is pretty good when your husband falls asleep midway through it!  It was such a treat to have that quiet time together to relax.

After a little pampering, we headed home to get all dressed up for a schmancy dinner at Stephan Pyles.  I have been dying to go here for years, and my sweet hubby surprised me with the dinner.  Thanks to a sweet little gift from Judge and Mrs. King, we were able to dine until our tummies hurt – the entire evening lived up to all expectations (as you can see from the picture below – the leftovers gave us a delightful lunch this morning).

(me with my handsome hubby)

The night ended with the one thing I have been waiting for all year – our wedding cake!  Though the cake did not hold up aesthetically perfect (although take a look at those flowers), it was just as delicious as I remember it being.  It was so big we barely made a dent, but thanks to the advice of our sweet friend Jenn, we will be freezing it again to enjoy it throughout the year.

A perfect way to end a perfect day!  The Lord has given us such great blessing this year, and it was such a joy to reminisce over it all and praise Him for the work He has done.  I am overwhelmed by His grace and goodness to us.  He has given me a perfect partner in life – not perfectly like me, but perfect for me, displaying Christ to me and being used as an agent to make me more like Him.  Life is complete in Jesus, married or not.  Life has been sweet with Mason, and I pray for 50 more years of his companionship.


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